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Innovations with Impact

Life Sciences

With the advent of next generation sequencing, big data analysis has become an integral part of the life sciences and medical research. Integrative omics and complex data analytics help advance drug discovery, medical research, and deepen our understanding of biology. Cloud technology can support these demands by increasing productivity and performance while being cost-effective. See how Mercury™ and our other Cytogence™ brand of solutions can support your data science needs.


The cost of ownership of bare-metal hardware to support modeling and simulation software can quickly add up. Hardware requirements for finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics are demanding and require the best in the industry. With cloud technology, traditional on-premise workloads can be migrated to the cloud for a more agile work style at a fraction of a cost while still deliverying high performance. See how ae cloud™ can increase productivity and reduce costs for your CAE projects.


Global climate change has already made significant impact to our planet. Temperature changes have become more dramatic, weather systems more disasterous and turbulence getting worse for air travelers. In the day and age of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and big data analytics we can now track and analyze climate change, developing better models. Learn how Stratis Troika™ is helping grassroots efforts to protect the environment and promoting awareness by educating the public.

Cytogence Mercury

Leading bioinformatics with the intuitive and fast cloud NGS pipeline.

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Cloud Services

Managed Services

Whether its migrating to the cloud, monitoring your mission critical systems, or automating workflows, let our experts take care of your cloud services so you can focus on growing your business.

DevOps Consulting

Our DevOps driven experts will develop custom solutions that meet your business demands, increasing productivity and performance. Let us help you develop reliable solutions in the cloud.

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Our Story

Evo Group Technologies is a Vermont company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama - an up-and-coming hub for biomedical research. Before 2011, we were a group of engineers, marketers and designers ambitious to share our ideas and inventions with the world. Now, we are a team of entrepreneurs fulfilling our dream to spread our innovative solutions and technology.

Our mission is to actively engage with our customers to ensure that we have addressed your questions and met your goals. We help adapt your solution stack to stay ahead of the fast-paced changes in the technology landscape, and ultimately evolve your IT landscape to meet your business demands with peak reliability and performance.